Stormwater Best Management Practices – Achieving Clean Waters

The evolution of our world includes industrialization and excess in modern material for our infrastructure such as in the cases of concrete roads as well as metal roofing. There is nothing wrong with evolution or improvements in every sense of the word. In fact, it provides benefits to sustain our daily living such as motor vehicles, traction and shelters that are leak proof. However, all of these results of industrialization also have undesirable effects such as stormwater.

The definition of stormwater is direct and simple and it is defined as the water that results from rain and other types of precipitation that are in excess secondary to the failure of soil absorption. Concrete and metal has constantly resulted to impenetrable surfaces where absorption of water is impossible and produces the accumulation of stormwater.

The presence of stormwater within a single community is definitely a threat both in quantity and quality of the water. Excessive accumulation of stormwater will lead to landslides and other natural disasters that you would prefer unnamed. The environment will lose its capacity to absorb water efficiently due to the overwhelming quantity of water even if you’re using products such as Wet and Forget. As a result, a lot of people have already lost their lives secondary to this disaster that would have been otherwise prevented with the right kind of management.

The lack of storm water bmp will also result to poor quality of water where pollutants and other harmful microorganisms would be carried out and will pose as a health threat to a lot of people. When the water becomes stagnant, the possibility of multiplication for bacteria is exponential and this will result to various diseases and the worst that could happen is a community will suffer from epidemic. A lot of people especially the older ones and the children are the most common casualties in this type of scenario.

Due to the fact that stormwater can bring danger to the health and environment, stormwater best management practices are mandated by the government especially the one that governs the environmental protection. This is implemented to protect both the people and environment and it also becomes consideration in the construction of various infrastructures.

A storm water bmp has two major categories and these are the structural and non-structural categories where the former’s concern is in the infrastructure while the latter is on the rules and policies governing one BPM system.