Prime Minister John Key on Finance & Debt Lessons

The Right Honorable John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, has kindly taken the time to record a video for TDTYTIS.

He talks about financial lessons he wishes he had learned, especially regarding debt, which is a very relevant subject to everyone in the world today. Prior to entering politics, Mr. Key was the global head of foreign exchange for Merrill Lynch.

We think this is a hugely important topic, and the detail Mr. Key goes into gives clear background to the topic and how everyone can be careful regarding debt.

Discuss the topic and give your view in the comments!

  • Quentin Todd

    How did u get the PM for an interview?????

  • Teacher

    … is taught in Year 10 Economics class

  • Jim Mitchell

     And is reverentially received? Acted upon scrupulously? Taught and widely ignored?  Frankly I think the terrifying consequences of runaway debt cannot be stressed enough.  Of course it’s probably all Greek to most students… but life itself will administer those lessons if they’re not learned earlier/