Here’s How To Actually Study & Concentrate

They teach you about the importance of studying, but they really don’t teach you much at all about the process of studying. Sure, they might tell you that you need to eat healthy and take regular breaks. But do they teach you how to get past procrastination and actually get study done? Doubtful. But you’re about to learn how.

Some of you may think that you have good willpower, and will be able to use your computer while studying but avoid visiting Facebook, Twitter, or any other distracting websites. If any of you can honestly do that, I congratulate you, and you need not read further. But for the majority of us, it’s all too tempting to click on these websites “just for a second”. Nek minnit… Half an hour has passed and you remember you’re meant to be studying.

A single application will solve that problem for you.

It’s quite aptly named – called Concentrate. You can download it and use it for free for 60hours, but after that you’ll have to pay (it costs $29 – very cheap for how much it’ll help you).

Here’s how it works. Concentrate lets you create a “Task”, and then create “Rules” for that task. So, for example, I created the task “Study”. Then for that task, I created rules like “Block all social network websites”, and “Block applications: Twitter, Mail”. When you then activate the task, all those rules will be applied to your computer until you end the task. So, for the duration that you have the task activated, you won’t be able to visit any social networking websites or open the Twitter or Mail applications (using the above example).

You can create an endless number of rules, from opening and closing applications and websites, to changing desktop backgrounds and setting personal reminders and playing songs.

With Concentrate, that quick click on Facebook becomes impossible. And you really are forced to concentrate. After a while using Concentrate, you might find that your brain has been trained to not even click on Facebook at all – and maybe you truly will be able to study for an hour without being distracted. But, Concentrate is the first step in getting to that point.

Do check it out. I guarantee that it’ll help you study ten times more effectively. And in fact, you should even recommend it to your teachers – they might find it useful in concentrating while they prepare classes. Because no one is immune to distractions these days.

  • Javier Rojo

    The only bad thing is that it’s only available for Mac, but it’s a great application.
    Though I think the ability to focus on getting things done should be taught since the early days in school and at home.

  • Shred_the_nar

    You write above, “Do they teach you how to get past procrastination and actually get studying done? Doubtful.”. However this post doesn’t either. It provides a way in which one can spend those minutes tweaking a program to filter your Internet. There is no learning or suggestion of how to increase self discipline. Furthermore, you recommend an app that costs $29 that almost any software that comes with a wifi access point does for free. I’d change the title and actually suggest some tips that might lead to growth and change in self-awareness and discipline.

  • Did anyone find a version of this for Windows? It would also be great if someone built something like this that used cloud sync to simultaneously block distractions from my two laptops, iPhone, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, and two touchpads.  … Ubiquitous uncomputing.

  • Guest

    Again, you helpfully fail to tell us that it’s only available for a small number of computer users — those with Macs.

  • I was not actually aware that it’s only available for Macs, and I feel sure that the creators will release a Windows version soon. There must be something similar for Windows anyhow. Will have a search and let you know.

  • I found one called FocalFilter for windows, which blocks websites but not native apps.

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  • Maxhupalo

    Study is really about investing in yourself. I advise my students to spend two afternoons a week in our local library – it is cool in summer has free wi-fi and is quiet and distraction free. 40 mins after school with a 10 minute milkshake break followed by a second 40 minute session. It is then around 5.30 and parents collect the virtuous, ‘feeling good about school’ student…parent is feeling pretty good too! Home for dinner and a good read after. This begins a new habit that can transfer to University life.

    If you smoke, you need to quit right now. Smoking severely affects concentration. The road may be bumpy. You may need to quit hanging around certain people, or going certain places, but in the long run, in my opinion, the benefits far outweigh the costs. If you find it hard to quit smoking, use a product like TBX Free to help you quit smoking.

    Working out why you want to achieve results is a good plan too. Remember, short term, working memory needs to rehearse new learning to strengthen the transfer to long-term memory and provide reliable recall. It is really about good learning habits.