Author: Katrina Bates

Stormwater Best Management Practices – Achieving Clean Waters

The evolution of our world includes industrialization and excess in modern material for our infrastructure such as in the cases of concrete roads as well as metal roofing. There is nothing wrong with evolution or improvements in every sense of the word. In fact, it provides benefits to sustain our daily living such as motor […]

Prime Minister John Key on Finance & Debt Lessons

The Right Honorable John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, has kindly taken the time to record a video for TDTYTIS. He talks about financial lessons he wishes he had learned, especially regarding debt, which is a very relevant subject to everyone in the world today. Prior to entering politics, Mr. Key was the global […]

Why You Should Make Lots of Little Bets

Innovation is an important part of everyones’ lives. We have to be able to think of new ideas and new ways to do things in order to be able to improve our lives and enjoy what we do. But there are different ways of innovating. A book I’ve recently finished reading, called Little Bets, shows a new […]

Here’s How To Actually Study & Concentrate

They teach you about the importance of studying, but they really don’t teach you much at all about the process of studying. Sure, they might tell you that you need to eat healthy and take regular breaks. But do they teach you how to get past procrastination and actually get study done? Doubtful. But you’re […]

The Regrets of the Dying, And How To Avoid Them

An Australian nurse, Bronnie Ware, has recently published a book called “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”. She outlines her experiences with patients who have been told that they have less than 12 weeks to live. Some of the things they say are surprising. Some are obvious. But whatever they are, you should take […]

All about guitar and its type:

Guitars are two kinds Acoustic and Electrical. Acoustic guitars are traditional and the most commonly used.they are made of thin wood, these guitars are massive, and there is external amplification. Because of its hollowness, when attached to any electronic devices the acoustic signals are transferred to an amplifier. They are suitable for any music but […]