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  • The Regrets of the Dying, And How To Avoid Them

    The Regrets of the Dying, And How To Avoid Them

    An Australian nurse, Bronnie Ware, has recently published a book called “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”. She outlines her experiences with patients who have been told that they have less than 12 weeks to live. Some of the things they say are surprising. Some are obvious. But whatever they are, you should take note. The top five regrets are as follows: 1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life

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  • Avish Parashar – “It’s Okay To Fail”

    Avish Parashar – “It’s Okay To Fail”

    Avish Parashar is an improv comedian, public speaker and author. His latest book is titled “Say Yes, And”, which discusses the importance of discovering new things and being more open minded by answering “Yes, And” instead of “Yes, But”. We’ve previously posted a summary and review of the key points made in his book – you can read it here. In this video for TDTYTIS he talks about the importance of being willing to fail so that you can learn.

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  • Learn To Say “Yes, And” [GIVEAWAY]

    Learn To Say “Yes, And” [GIVEAWAY]

    Has someone told you about an idea of theirs today? Or asked you to play squash, or golf with them? Perhaps someone emailed you today with an opportunity that you’re unsure about taking, because it requires a lot of work? Or maybe you got asked to do a talk in front of a large audience? What was your answer to them? In most people’s case, their response will have been “Yes, but…”. In order words, they’re saying no, with a

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  • Dennis Crowley: Do Your Own Thing

    Dennis Crowley: Do Your Own Thing

    Dennis Crowley is a co-founder of Foursquare. If you don’t know what that is, Google it – it’s one of the hottest technology companies on the planet right now. Dennis sold his first company, Dodgeball, to Google in 2005. He’s also been named one of Fortune Magazine’s “40 under 40″ rising stars. I met Dennis at the LeWeb conference in Paris, and asked him to do a quick video to share the thing he wishes he’d learned when he was

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  • Here’s How To Actually Study & Concentrate

    Here’s How To Actually Study & Concentrate

    They teach you about the importance of studying, but they really don’t teach you much at all about the process of studying. Sure, they might tell you that you need to eat healthy and take regular breaks. But do they teach you how to get past procrastination and actually get study done? Doubtful. But you’re about to learn how. Some of you may think that you have good willpower, and will be able to use your computer while studying but

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  • Why You Should Make Lots of Little Bets

    Why You Should Make Lots of Little Bets

    Innovation is an important part of everyones’ lives. We have to be able to think of new ideas and new ways to do things in order to be able to improve our lives and enjoy what we do. But there are different ways of innovating. A book I’ve recently finished reading, called Little Bets, shows a new and different way of thinking about success and innovation. Peter Sims, the author, uses examples such as Frank Gehry, the architect of buildings such

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  • Fabrice Grinda: Starting a Business Or Joining a Company?

    Fabrice Grinda: Starting a Business Or Joining a Company?

    Fabrice Grinda is the type of insanely inspiring person that you don’t come across very often. He graduated from Princeton, then worked at McKinsey & Co., and since then has sold a company for $80million and actively invested in more than fifty others. Fabrice wrote a post on his blog back in 2008 titled “Graduating from College: Starting your own business or joining an established company?”. It’s probably a more relevant topic now than it ever has been, and I

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  • The Dip: Why You Have To Quit To Be The Best

    The Dip: Why You Have To Quit To Be The Best

    Throughout reading Seth Godin’s book The Dip, I was a shocked, as his thesis goes against the values we are brought up with. We are taught that quitting is something we must not do, ever. It’s like giving in.

    Seth Godin says that quitting is a good thing, and no one will ever become the best at anything unless they are good at quitting

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  • Jack Yan – “People Are Stupid”

    Jack Yan – “People Are Stupid”

    Jack Yan started off his entrepreneurial career very young, developing typefaces. Since then he’s been involved in a number of industries, from fashion and publishing to politics.

    Here Jack shares his view that, as he puts it quite openly, “people are stupid”. He goes on to explain exactly what he means. Watch the video to see his point!

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